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Promotion of space technology education democratizing the space access.

DIYSATELLITE is a global space technology company that develops pocketqubes, integrating complex systems to simple interfaces for everyone who wants to access to space, and providing the launch services. In March 2021, it will launch from Baikonour via SOYUZ-2 the first private argentine pocketqube, the DIY-1/ARDUIQUBE a technologic satellite demostrator used for the amateur radio satellite service,(IARU). PocketQubes launch services significantly undercut existing cubesat prices to LEO democratizing access to space. We deal with all the complexities of getting a satellite to space for less than the cost of a cubesat 1U launch. The main body of a PocketQube is typically a cube of 50mm per side.

Examples of add-on experiments or functions include the following:

  • Earth-from-space video imaging.
  • Earth magnetic field measurement.
  • Satellite orientation detection (horizon sensor, gyros, accelerometers, etc.)
  • Orbital environment measurements (temperature, pressure, radiation, etc.)
  • On-orbit hardware and software component testing (microprocessors, etc.)
  • Deorbit systems.
  • Testing satellite stabilization methods.
  • Biological experiments.
  • On-orbit advertising.
  • Amateur Radio equipment like small repeater and telemetry beacons.

The pocketqubes can be placed into self-decaying orbits 310 kilometers (192 miles) above the Earth’s surface, they do not contribute to any long-term build-up of orbital debris. After a few weeks of operation, they will safely re-enter the atmosphere and burn-up. Also can be placed in SSO, Sun Synchronous Orbit, at 500 km of height for a long life depending of the energy source and the power consumption.

DIY-1 aka Arduiqube
Freq: 437.125 MHZ USB
RF POWER: 25/50/100 mW
Antenna: dipole
Telemetry frame: DD MM AA HH MM SS C1 C2 C3 C4 V T1 T2 RSSI M * CHKSUM

Do you want to make a pocketqube satellite?

We provide a solution to every need with: Integrated boards with transceiver / microcontroller. Battery charging boards(MPPT). Solar panels. Al structures.

Do you want to launch your pocketqube satellite?

The secondary payload market allows small satellites to be flown alongside other satellites, instead of spending a lot on a 10cm cube CubeSat, the Pocketqube, a 5cm cube, can be launched to a 500 km orbit for less than a quarter of a Cubesat. We can find you opportunities to get your pocketqube satellite flown with our Pocket Orbital Dispenser. We are opening our Low Earth Orbit rideshare ticket for sales. Do not hesitate to contact us!




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